Match Affinity Online Dating is brought to you by, one of the UK leaders in  the online dating arena. takes a new approach to finding a relationship online by using ‘compatibility testing’ , which basically means that they try to understand your personality and preferences and then try to match you with people who they think are the most compatible. This is achieved by filling out their online questionnaire which is based on various psychometric sections that their dating gurus from across the globe have put together. Once the questionnaire has been completed and has been analysed, you’ll be sent a list of compatible matches and then gently nudged to start communicating with your matches. stretches far beyond matchmaking however, as they can supply you with both videos and articles written by professional psychologists to help prepare yourself for any dates you may have arranged as well as even telephone coaching for those with first date stage fright or also for those just seeking some good old-fashioned advice about their upcoming dates.

Gender is fairly evenly split so you should have no problems in finding a good number of suitable matches and the age range goes across the board although the site is particularly popular amongst 35 – 50 year olds.

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